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This gun is the ‘charisma’ of technology, kills the target without bullets and ammunition, NSG also uses it


New Delhi. technology has advanced a lot with time. It is used wherever companies and the general public find it. At the same time, armies of different countries also improve themselves with the help of technology. Technology is very useful to fight the enemy. One such miracle of technology is drone killer guns. These guns look just like any other gun. But, neither a bullet comes out from them nor there is any sound of shooting. Still the target gets piled up.

Drone killer guns are used to destroy illegal drones or drones being flown by the enemy for attack or reconnaissance. In India it is also used by the National Security Guard (NSG). This is an anti-terrorist force of India, which is also known as Black Cats. Other armies around the world also use this gun.

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How does this gun work without ammunition?
Dronekiller guns, also known as drone jammers or drone disruptors. These are devices designed to jam and neutralize the control and navigation systems of unauthorized drones. These guns are commonly used by security agencies and military personnel to counter unauthorized drone activity in restricted areas.

Dronekiller guns often use radar, radio frequency (RF) scanners, or other sensor technology to detect the presence of drones in their vicinity. Once the drone is detected. The dronekiller gun then emits jamming signals with the aim of disrupting the drone’s communication and control frequencies. These signals interfere with the drone’s ability to take commands from its operator or GPS signals. Due to this, the drone either keeps flying at its place, returns to the takeoff point or lands down.

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