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The battery of a new smartphone will start draining quickly, never use it in this manner.


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Many times the phone’s battery gets damaged due to our misuse.

Smartphone Battery Health Tips and Tricks: In the era of technology, smartphone has become the biggest necessity today. Many important tasks like entertainment, banking, payment, chatting, video calling, shopping etc. are done every day through smartphones. If the phone gets damaged or gets switched off then many of our works will come to a standstill. The smartphone gets power from its battery and only then it works. For the smartphone to function properly, it is important that its battery functions properly.

Battery going down is a common thing in old phones, but sometimes the problem of battery drain starts appearing in new phones. Whenever the battery goes down rapidly, we think that the phone is bad but it is not so. Many times, due to our mistakes, the battery of the smartphone drains rapidly or gets damaged.

Let us tell you about those mistakes due to which the battery drains rapidly. You can increase your phone’s battery backup by avoiding these…

Do not use the phone while charging

Many times people do things like gaming, video streaming, chatting, video calling by putting the phone on charging. Using the phone while charging puts more pressure on the battery and the battery takes longer to charge. If you want good battery backup then never use the phone while charging.

Don’t let the battery drain completely

It has been seen many times that people put their smartphones on charging when the battery is 1-2 percent left or it is completely drained. This habit can spoil even the new smartphone. Try to always keep the phone’s battery around 25 percent. This will make the battery perform better.

Don’t fall into the trap of charging 100% again and again

It is often seen that whenever people put the phone on charging, they remove it only after fully charging it till 100 percent. If your phone is charged between 85 percent to 90 percent, then remove it from charging. Smartphone batteries perform better between 30 percent and 80 percent.

Use battery saver mode when battery is low

If your phone’s battery is low then use battery saver mode in this condition. This feature helps a lot in maintaining battery health. When you use battery saver mode, only the essential functions of the smartphone work, which reduces battery consumption and does not put extra pressure on the battery.

keep smartphone updated

Many users do not update their phones for many months. Due to this, the phone’s battery deteriorates faster. Therefore, it is important to update the phone whenever a new update comes. Every smartphone company adds some new features related to battery health in its updates.

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