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Flipside profile feature is coming to Instagram, know what will be its benefits


Flipside profile feature is coming to Instagram know what will.webptech News, Flipside Profile, New Feature, Instagram Flip Profile – India TV Hindi” fetchpriority=”high” loading=”eager” importance=”high” width=”1200″ height=”675″/>

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Instagram keeps bringing new features for its users from time to time.

Instagram new feature: Instagram is a popular short video making application. Billions of people use it every day. For the convenience of its users, the company keeps bringing new features from time to time. In the era of technology, Instagram has become the main means of entertainment today. Many people are so crazy about it that they keep using it for hours continuously. Now Meta is going to give a new feature to Instagram users.

Let us tell you that Instagram has become such a social media platform where there is unlimited content from almost every field like tech, education, dance, comedy, singing, innovation, science. This is the reason why its reach is continuously increasing nowadays. The company also keeps updating its platform for the users. Now a new feature has been added through which you will be able to create a separate profile for special people.

Company launched cool feature

Instagram is going to bring Flipside feature for its millions of users. In this new feature, users will be able to create another profile for some special people along with their existing account. In this you will be able to share photos and videos just like your regular account.

Let us tell you that to go to this new account, you will be given a button at the bottom side of the old account. By tapping on it you will be able to easily switch to another account. Let us tell you that the company has not yet rolled it out for all the users. The company is releasing it gradually phase wise. If you have not got this feature then wait for a few days and you will get its update.

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