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National Voter’s Day 2024: Update Voter ID at Home


technology: Today i.e. 25th January 2024 14th National Voter’s Day is being observed. Lok Sabha elections are also scheduled to be held this year. If you also want to make some changes in your voter ID card, now you can do it at home.

Today i.e. 25th January, 2024 is the 14th National Voter’s Day. Election Commission observes Voter’s Day every year to make voters aware. Lok Sabha elections are also scheduled to be held this year. In such a situation, if you want to correct or change the name, address etc. in your voter ID card, you can update it online at home. Voters can update their voter ID card details through the Election Commission’s website and app. Come, know how to change name, address etc. in voter ID card at home?

How to Update Water ID at Home
Voters must carry the Voter ID Card or EPIC number with them to make any changes in their Voter ID Card.
To change name, address etc. in online voter ID card first you need to go to election commission website or voter helpline app.

After selecting your state on the website or app, voters go to the next page and select Form 8A.

Here an online form will open to change your Voter ID. In this form voters need to update any changes in their name, address, state, constituency etc.

After that, documents will be required to change the information related to this description on the next page. Upload a copy of Aadhaar card, passport or other government document as voter document.

After filling the form and uploading the documents, you will get the option to submit it online.

After that, the voters will get a reference number, through which you can track the application for updating the ID.

Voter ID card will be changed after document verification.

National Voter's Day

These 4 apps are very useful
The Election Commission has launched four apps for the convenience of voters, which can be downloaded on their smartphones. These apps are available for free on the Google Android and iPhone app stores This Election Commission App is Voter Helpline, SAMAL, CVGIL and Voter Turnout App. Voters can get information about their Voter ID Card, Constituency, Voter List etc. through Voter Helpline app. At the same time, the active app is specially designed for people with disabilities. Apart from this, CVGIL app has also been launched for monitoring. Photos and videos can be shared with the Election Commission through this app. At the same time, the voter turnout app can also be used to get information about the percentage of votes cast on election day.

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