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Microsoft adds ChatGPT to Copilot for free, users can now use these chatbots


Copilot GPT: Microsoft is giving a paid feature of Chat GPT to the users for free in its Copilot AI chatbot. If you use Copilot, you will now be able to take advantage of free chat powered GPTs. The company is currently giving some GPTs to users for free. The good thing is that this service is not limited to Microsoft Edge only. Chrome users can also take advantage of this service and the company is giving the opportunity to use some basic GPTs without Microsoft account login.

Here, to access GPTs in Open AI’s Chat GPT, you have to take subscription of Chat GPT Plus, which costs Rs 1,662 in India.

Microsoft has given this feature available by paying in ChatGPT for free in Copilot, use it like this

According to a recent report in Windows Latest, Copilot GPT is also working in Google Chrome but currently it is limited in terms of functionality and users can only use models for fitness, cooking or designing.

Microsoft has optimized GPTs for specific tasks compared to the general version of Copilot. For example, if you choose Microsoft Designer GPT, then you can create more creative images through Open AI’s DALL-E 3. You will not get such results in the normal version.

Currently you will be able to use these GPTs for free

According to the report, Microsoft is currently testing 5 GPTs which include Designer, Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant and Fitness Trainer. The company is planning to add more GPTs in the coming weeks.

At present only a few users have got the benefit of free GPTs. Gradually the company will release it for everyone. Those who will get the update can come to the Copilot page and use them from the GPTs option visible on the right side.

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