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What is the use of Num Lock button of keyboard? Even people who have been using it for years remain confused!


New Delhi. From schools, colleges to offices, work is done everywhere on computers or laptops. In such a situation, people have been using computers for a long time. Many keys are found in the keyboard supplied with the computer. But, even after using computers for years, people do not know the use of many keys. One such thing happens with Key-Num Lock. Many people do not know how to use this button.

Two modes are activated by the Num Lock button. These modes are numeric and navigation. Let us know what happens in both of these and how you can use the keyboard.

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Numeric Mode:
When the Num Lock button is turned on in the keyboard. The numeric keypad then serves as a set of numbers from 0 to 9 and basic arithmetic symbols (+, -, *, /). This mode is very helpful while entering numerical data or doing calculations.

Navigation Mode:
When the Num Lock button is turned off. The numeric keypad then acts as navigation keys. In this case, numbers 8, 4,2,6 work as arrows. With this, up, down, left and right commands can be given. At the same time, commands like Home, ph Up, End and Pg Dn are given through numbers like 3,9,7 and 1. Through this mode, it is easy to navigate in documents or spreadsheets.

You will usually find the Num Lock key on the numeric keypad. This is a separate set of keys which is on the right side of the keyboard. As soon as the Num Lock button is turned on, one of the three LED lights given above starts lighting up. At the same time, when the button is closed, the LED also turns off. However, you also have to keep in mind that Num Lock sometimes works differently in different systems and keyboards.

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