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Front load washing machine or top load, which washes clothes cleaner? What will reduce electricity bill?


Washing machine is an important part of today’s busy life. Especially in a big city one cannot do without a washing machine. Life is so busy that no one has time to wash clothes by hand. However, there may still be some people who may be using semi-automatic washing or may be managing without a washing machine. There are many people who are confused as to which washing machine will be best – front end or top end automatic washing machine.

Almost everyone must have seen the front washing machine. It has a door in a round shape like the front, and inside it there is a basket drum and it rotates and cleans the clothes.

On the other hand, if we talk about top load washing machine, it looks very much like a semi-automatic washing machine. It has a door on the top which does not lock the door while washing clothes.

Who consumes electricity? Front load washing machines consume less water than top load, and this is because of its design. In simple terms, front load washing machines use one-third of the water used by top loaders. However, top loaders consume less electricity because of the shorter washing time.

In terms of washing capacity, front-load machines perform better than top load, as this type of washing machine does not have an agitator, which is a part of a top loader. This leaves more space for clothes, which means you’ll have to wash clothes less often with a front loader.

Who is better at cleaning? Front-load washing machines are better at removing stains than top-loading ones. This is because the tumbling washing speed of the front loader is more effective than the twisting washing speed of the top loader.

Which will wash clothes faster? If you want clothes to be washed fast then front load washing machine will be the right option for you.

Spin Speed: Front load washing machines have a high spin speed, and come with 1500 RPM (revolutions per minute). On the other hand, the spin speed of top load comes with 600 RPM speed. Compared to top load, front load washing machines squeeze water out of clothes better.

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