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3 amazing features in Telegram, who can see the message how many times – this will also be controlled


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New privacy and safety features in Telegram.

Like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Telegram is also a popular instant messaging app. Crores of people in India use this platform. The company keeps bringing new updates and new features from time to time for its fans and users. If you use Telegram then there is good news for you. The company has added some new features to the platform.

In this era of technology, maintaining the privacy and safety of users is a big challenge. In such a situation, all social media platforms keep bringing new features to maintain privacy. The new features of Telegram are also related to privacy and safety. The company has made all these three features live. Let us tell you about these features in detail.

first feature

Like WhatsApp, Telegram has also added the View Once feature to its platform. This is a very big and important feature from privacy point of view. Let us tell you that the company had introduced this feature only last year but till now users could use it only in photos and videos but now users can set View Once in voice messages also.

Second feature of Telegram

The second message of Telegram is also very important. Now if you are sending videos and photos to someone, you can also pause them. Explain in simple language, if you are recording and sending a message to someone and you have some important work, then you can stop that message midway. After completing the command, you can continue recording.

The third feature is cool

The third feature among the features released by Telegram is quite cool. You will find it very interesting. Telegram’s new feature gives you the option to control read time. That means, if you send a photo or video to someone, you can decide how many times the receiver can see or hear it. After the limit is reached, the message will be automatically deleted.

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