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…So this time iPhone 16 will be different from everyone else, an important information has been leaked



This time a capture button can be provided in the new iPhone 16.
iPhone 16 users will be able to zoom in and out by swiping left and right on the button.

Apple launches its new series of phones every year in September. This time in 2024, the company will launch the iPhone 16 model. There is still a lot of time for the arrival of the new iPhone, but new reports are coming out about it every day. It is learned that this time the giant company will introduce the capture button in its new iPhone 16. As the name suggests, this button will be especially for taking photos and videos. Last month, Bloomberg’s Mark Garman had confirmed that this button would be specifically for taking videos.

According to the report of The Information, the capture button coming in the iPhone will not be mechanical, and it is also rumored that it can be used by pressure and touch.

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The report claims that iPhone 16 users will be able to zoom in and zoom out by swiping left and right on the button. During this, users will also be able to focus by lightly pressing the button. To activate a recording, users will have to press the button harder.

The report says that Apple is planning to install a capture button on the right side of the iPhone 16 model. The new button is expected to be present below the power button.

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How can the camera be?
A 48-megapixel camera can be given in iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max this year. Apart from this, it is possible that the company may offer a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera in it. Apart from the action button, it is being said that this time Apple can provide a capture button. If the company follows its tradition then the new iPhone will be launched in September.

If rumors are to be believed, a 6.7-inch display can be given in iPhone 16. It is being said that changes will also be seen in the camera of iPhone 16.

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