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Get a full refund! Call this number as soon as you fall victim to an online scam.


Technews: Cybercrime incidents are coming to the fore in India every day. If you are ever a victim of this, do not panic and call this number immediately.

Digital payments are booming in India these days. Also, nowadays accounts are managed and important transactions are done through banking apps. Nowadays millions of rupees can be transacted easily through banking apps. But it also increases the risk of cybercrime. Such incidents happen to people every day, where money is looted from their accounts online. Keeping this in mind, a number has been issued by the government, which every citizen should know. So that they can be helped in such situations.

Cases come to light every day where people click on the wrong link or download the wrong app, resulting in money being transferred from one account to another. If such an incident ever happens to you, do not panic and report it immediately by dialing the number issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Cyber ​​fraud

Call this number
If you are ever a victim of cybercrime, dial 1930 immediately. Call this number from the number to which your UPI ID or bank account is linked. This specific number is associated with the Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting and Management System. By calling this number, you will be asked for fraud information. Remember here no one will ask you details like ATM PIN or net banking. Also, do not share such sensitive information with anyone. All you have to do is provide information like name, address, method of fraud and time.

After calling this number your complaint will be processed immediately and an attempt will be made to recover the amount withdrawn from your account. This number is a toll free number of MHA and cyber crime complaints can be lodged on it anytime.

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