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All security was left intact, when the latest iPhone got hacked in 15 seconds, the mobile worth Rs. 1.25 lakh turned out to be a failure.


New Delhi. iPhone is recognized as one of the most secure phones in the world. Because of its privacy and security, it is used by all the big celebrities around the world. But, there was a time when the latest model of iPhone was hacked and shown live in just 15 seconds. This is also important because hacking an expensive iPhone in mere seconds can surprise anyone.

Actually, Tianfu Cup is organized every year in Chengdu, China. In this, white hat hackers show their skills. Even in the year 2021, hackers participated in this event and surprised big technology giants by showing the magic of their skills. This year, Apple was a big name in this competition, which was surprised by ethical hackers.

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The latest iPhone 13 Pro was hacked
According to media reports, hackers hacked the latest iPhone 13 Pro running on iOS 15.0.2 live not once but twice. It took only 15 seconds for the hackers. One of the teams that participated in the competition was Kunlun Lab, which was successful in breaking into the iPhone 13 Pro in less than 15 seconds. The team had taken advantage of a vulnerability in the Safari browser to hack the smartphone. The current starting price of iPhone 13 Pro is Rs 1,19,900.

The CEO of Kunlun Lab was the former CTO of Qihoo 360. The CEO had shown the live hacking of the smartphone in front of everyone in just 15 seconds. However, before attempting this hacking, he had made several weeks of preparation. In this competition, Kunlun Lab hacked the iPhone 13 Pro. In fact, another Pangu had also hacked the iPhone 13 in a very short time. For this the team was also given a reward of $300,000. Let us tell you that later these hackers also tell the concerned companies the ways to remove their flaws.

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