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World Cup Final 2023 Know how Hawkeye and Ultra Edge technology works


The final match of the World Cup is to be played between India and Australia today at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. More than one lakh spectators will watch the match at the ground. At the same time, more than 5 crore people are expected to connect through digital medium. This is a big match for India and many big personalities are coming to watch this match. Many types of special programs will also be organized before the match.

You must have often seen during your cricket match that when the players are not satisfied with the decision of the field umpire or the umpire sometimes does not give any decision on the player’s call, then the team takes DRS. Under DRS, the decision is given by the third umpire and the help of Hawk-Eye and Ultra Edge technology is taken in it. Today we will tell you in very simple words how this technology works. For those who do not know what DRS means, it is a decision review system which challenges the decision of the field umpire.

How does Ultra Edge Technology work?

Using ultra-edge technology, it is detected whether the ball has touched the bat after being thrown or not. In this technology, an advanced mic is installed behind the stumps which records every smallest sound around the batsman and wicketkeeper. If the ball touches the bat or the batsman’s body, then this mic immediately records that sound and then with the help of noise cancellation, it removes the useless sound and provides clear output in the system so that it can be detected. Whether the ball has actually touched the bat or not. On the basis of this the umpire then gives his decision.

What is Hawkeye Technology?

In this technology, the help of 6 advanced cameras is taken which are present around the ground. These cameras track the movement of the bowler after he throws the ball. This technology works on triangulation principle. In simple language, the cameras capture every movement of the ball and then with a special algorithm, a 3D structure of the ball’s movement is created, which gives information about its movement.

You must have often heard the word ball tracking after ultra edge in a cricket match. On the basis of this ball tracking, the umpire is able to see whether the ball will pass through the batsman’s pad and hit the stumps or not.

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