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Instagram launches new feature for Teenagers, if you use the app till late night…


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Instagram launches new feature for children’s safety.

Instagram Policy for Teens: Instagram keeps bringing new features to improve the experience of users. Now the company has launched an amazing feature for teenagers. Meta has introduced a new feature for its users called Nighttime Nudges. This is for those who use Instagram a lot. This feature of Instagram will prevent teenagers from using social media apps till late night.

Let us tell you that millions of people around the world use Instagram. There are millions of Instagram users who are in their teens. The company is also working on many safety features for the privacy and safety of young children. Keeping this in mind, the company has given a feature called Nighttime Nudges. This new feature of Meta is also going to provide a lot of relief to the parents of children.

Reminder will come every 10 minutes

Let us tell you that Nighttime Nudges feature will prevent teenagers from using Instagram for long. After turning on this feature, users will not be able to use it for more than 10 minutes. The app will send reminders to users every 10 minutes. This feature will also ask kids to log off Instagram.

While launching this feature, Instagram said that getting enough sleep is very important for everyone. Be it a child or a grown man. Sleep is essential for good health but many times it has been seen that children keep watching reels for hours late at night. This is why the Nighttime Nudges feature has been introduced. It will repeatedly remind children to close the app.

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