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What is this device tied to the wrist of Indian cricketers? Understand everything in detail


Many Indian cricketers including Kohli, Siraj, Shreyas Iyer have seen a device in this World Cup match. Do you know what it is?

World Cup Final 2023: Tomorrow i.e. November 19, the final match of the World Cup will be played between India and Australia at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Many big personalities including Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Kapil Dev are coming to watch this match. Indian cricketers have grabbed everyone’s attention due to their excellent performances in this World Cup match. Another thing that caught everyone’s attention was the device that the Indian cricketers wore on their wrists. Many have expressed curiosity about this device on social media.

Today we will tell you what this device is in the hands of Kohli, Siraj, Shreyas Iyer and other Indian players.

This device is very special
In fact, the device strapped to the cricketers’ wrists is a fitness band by the Hoop Company. Hoop is a startup owned by Will Ahmed and has also shared pictures of Indian cricketers with bands on social media. Open AI’s chat GPT support (Hoop Coach) is available on this band. If you are wondering what the ICC rules are on this, the ICC has actually banned all communication devices for players. That is, players cannot wear smartwatches etc. during the game in the field.

Device has no screen
This fitness band from The Hoop Company doesn’t have a screen, so players can’t interact with it. This fitness band is managed through a mobile app and provides all kinds of information like sleep cycle, stress, body recovery, heart rate etc. through the app. The data on this fitness band is 99% accurate and is considered among the best in the industry. Athletes prefer to wear this device as it is distraction free and suggests activity, diet, etc. according to their recovery and work throughout the day.

The special thing about this fitness band is that it does not need to be removed from the hand to charge. The band comes with a battery pack that must be attached to the band and charged with body monitoring. Chat GPT is also supported in this fitness band which helps you to get health related information.

Not available in India
Currently this fitness band is not available in India. It costs $239 or Rs 19,906 with a 12-month subscription. Note, this fitness band is managed through an app and you get all the features and data within the app itself.

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