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Meta to launch ownership feature in WhatsApp channels for Android users


WhatsApp Ownership Feature: WhatsApp keeps adding some new features to its app for the experience of its users. This time a feature is going to come in WhatsApp through which users can make someone else the owner of their WhatsApp account. This feature has been spotted on Android beta version This means that the company is going to introduce this special feature for Android users first. Let us tell you about this feature.

New feature will come in WhatsApp

Actually, the information about this feature has been received from WABetaInfo, which gives information about the new features coming in WhatsApp. According to this website, WhatsApp’s ownership feature is currently in the developing phase, and has been made available only to select beta users. With the help of this feature, users can give the ownership or administration rights of their WhatsApp channel to someone else.

What is ownership feature?

Let us tell you that this feature is being launched only for WhatsApp channel. There is no news yet about implementing this feature for WhatsApp profiles or groups, but it is possible that in the future, WhatsApp may release this ownership feature for WhatsApp groups or entire accounts as well. However, at present the ownership feature is being implemented only for WhatsApp channels. This means that users can give the rights of their WhatsApp channel to any person, after which apart from the user, other person will also be able to use the same WhatsApp channel.

Such feature is also present in Facebook

Let us tell you that till now only the person who created it could use the WhatsApp channel. Apart from that person’s device, no one else is able to manage the WhatsApp channel, but after the ownership feature is introduced, users will be able to give the rights of their WhatsApp channel to someone else, so that their channel can be controlled from any other device also. This feature is like Facebook page. In Facebook also, users can give the ownership of their page to another person.

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