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Google launched a new search feature, you will get this special feature in this phone.


technology: Google is going to provide some new features in mobile to improve the mobile experience of Android users. However, initially these features will be available only to selected users.

The Korean company Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series yesterday. In this event, Google said that a special feature is being offered in this series. Not only in this series, it will be offered in some other smartphones as well. Google also gave this information in its official blog post. In fact, Google has brought the ‘Circle to Search’ feature for Android users to make their Google search easier.

What is circle to search?
With this feature you can get information about any thing, image, object etc. by creating a circle on the mobile screen itself. This means that you will get your useful information without leaving the application and you can continue using the application again.


To illustrate with an example, let’s say you’re using Instagram and you see an amazing dish on your feed. To know what this dish is, how it is made, etc., you just need to long press the home button and then circle the dish displayed on the screen. As soon as you do this, a page will load in front of you which will provide information about the dish. In a way, Circle to Search is an improved version of Google Lens where you get information about things without taking screenshots or photos.

Not just circles you can select any text and find out more information about it. Similarly, on YouTube you can highlight anything in a relay and get information about it. This new feature of Google is very easy to use and the company is bringing this feature to give a better experience to the users.

It will be the first to be available on a smartphone
Google’s new Circle to Search feature will be available first on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the Google Pixel 8 series. You will get these features on these smartphones after January 31. Gradually the company may bring it to other smartphones as well.

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