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Apple, not Samsung… This British company was the first to launch a phone with titanium body.


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Not Apple, but Samsung, this company was the first to launch a phone with titanium body.

After Apple iPhone 15 Pro series, Samsung has also launched Galaxy S24 Ultra with titanium body. These smartphones of both these brands come in the premium price range, for which you will have to spend at least Rs 1.3 lakh. Both the brands are promoting the titanium body as a USP. Do you know that just a decade before the launch of these two smartphones, a British company had launched a mobile phone with titanium frame. Titanium alloy is lighter in weight than other metals, due to which it is used for making aerospace, racing, medical devices etc.

Why was titanium used?

Apple has used Grade 5 titanium in iPhone 15 Pro, which is light weight as well as durable. Apple has named it Titanium Grey. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 Ultra has also been launched with this material. Before using this material in mobile devices, a special brushed treatment is done, due to which its gripping becomes good and artificial texture can be done on it.

titanium iphone 15 pro

Image Source: Apple

titanium iphone 15 pro

The reason for using this material in premium mobile phones is that the scratches on it are not detected. Titanium alloy is considered a gold standard material, due to which this material is used in premium mobile phones.

VERTU Ascent U

British luxury mobile phone manufacturing company VERTU launched the first mobile phone with titanium body in 2007. The name of this phone was VERTU Ascent Ti. After this, the company also introduced VERTU Ti with titanium body in the year 2013. These mobile phones of the British brand were launched in the market about 10 years before the flagship smartphones of Apple and Samsung.

Titanium Galaxy S24 Ultra

Image Source: Samsung

Titanium Galaxy S24 Ultra

After Apple and Samsung, Chinese brands Honor, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo are also testing smartphones with titanium body. In the coming few years, titanium material can be used in the flagship smartphones of these brands also. However, to keep the price of the phone low, Chinese brands can change the grade of titanium.

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