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Passport did not come after police verification? do it…


People have to go through many processes to get a passport. Police verification is also an important process. At present police verification can be done easily but many times the passport does not reach home even after verification. If this happens to you, do it immediately.

Passport is the most important document of Indian citizenship. It allows you to travel in and out of India. People get it not only for traveling abroad but also as an important document. Police verification is an important stage in the passport application process. It is legitimate to worry if the passport does not arrive after police verification. We tell you what to do in such situations in this article.

Once the police verification is done people check the status of the application. Passports are usually issued a few days after police verification. However, sometimes the situation is different and people’s passports are stopped. While viewing the status, the same status is continuously displayed. Information is not available on why passports are not issued to people.


Follow these steps if getting passport is delayed
Don’t wait any longer if there is a delay in issuing your passport after police verification. For this you need to contact Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Regional Passport Office (RPO). You can know the status of passport application from here. The passport office will tell you why your application is pending.

Book appointment
To visit a Passport Service Center or Regional Passport Office (RPO), you need to make an appointment online. It is basically the same as making an appointment for document verification, and you check all the documents at the Passport Seva Kendra or RPO. However, the difference this time is that you need to make an appointment for the search.

Assignment of Inquiry: It will provide information
This is called an inquiry appointment. Click on Check Appointment Availability option on Passport Seva website. After that you can check appointment availability at your PSK/RPO. Through this you will know on which date the recruitment is vacant. Just remember that you need to book an inquiry appointment.

This appointment will be booked by logging into Passport Seva portal with ID and password. You can visit the passport office to find out about your application and why the file is stuck after police verification. Passport staff will inform you of this and proceed with your passport process. If everything goes well, you will receive your passport soon.

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