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Common password: Not only in India, but most of the people around the world kept this password, Nordpass report revealed.


General Password: Last year most people made their password ‘password’. In India, users mostly use Pass@123 or Password@123.

Common passwords: Creating passwords for banking, social media and apps has become one of the biggest challenges in the internet world. Many people use very simple passwords for this reason. Which hackers break in the blink of an eye. Recently, a report has come out, which says that most people in the world, including Indians, will use the most common password in 2023, which is ‘123456’. According to password management solutions company NordPass, people used the weakest passwords for their streaming accounts in 2023.

Users keep the country name password
According to a NordPass report, many internet users also name their passwords after their country, e.g. if you are Indian, your password would be India@123. According to the report, the number of people with such passwords in the world including India is very high. The report found that the word ‘admin’, which is probably a password that people are not afraid to change, has become the most common password in India and several other countries this year.

Last year ‘Password’ was at the top
Last year most people made their password ‘password’. In India, users mostly use Pass@123 or Password@123. To learn about passwords used by Internet users for different platforms, researchers analyzed a 6.6 TB database of passwords exposed by various hacking malware, which experts consider a major threat to human cyber security. Consider it a threat. The scariest part is that the victims don’t even realize that their computer is infected.

About a third (31 percent) of the world’s most popular passwords consist entirely of numeric sequences, such as ‘123456789’, ‘12345’, ‘000000’ and others. According to the report, 70 percent of passwords on this year’s global list can be cracked in less than a second. Researchers have suggested passkey as a new form of authentication for better security. The technology will help eliminate bad passwords, making users more secure, Smalkis said.

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