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Microsoft launched Copilot Pro,


tech News: Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro: It seems that Microsoft is trying its best to keep itself at the forefront of this AI race these days. The company is constantly working to improve its artificial intelligence-powered assistance co-pilot. The company launched it last year with Windows, which is currently used by more than 5 billion people. Now the company has launched a new premium version of Copilot, Copilot Pro.

AI features will be available.

The new paid subscription service offers users AI features within Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Microsoft said the new CoPilot premium service will cost $20 per month in India, which is around Rs. 1600, which is much more expensive than existing Microsoft 365 Personal or Home subscriptions. Users can use the new Copilot Pro on Mac, Windows, iPad, iOS and Android devices.

All tasks will be completed with a single prompt.

Once this plan is purchased, the new Copilot Pro will offer users several generative AI features, including creating PowerPoint presentations from a single prompt, rewriting and summarizing text in Word, analyzing and visualizing data in Excel and Outlook. An answer can be found at email .com. Additionally, CoPilot Pro will allow users to use the latest OpenAI models and create their own CoPilot GPTs with CoPilot Pro.

Some special features of Copilot Pro.

CoPilot Pro lets you use powerful models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo to get faster and better results in minutes. You can also switch between other models as per your choice.
With CoPilot Pro, you can create better AI images with Designer Image Maker, which will provide you with fast speed, high quality and many options for photos.
Also, you can create a personalized Copilot for a specific topic using Copilot Pro with just a few simple steps using the new Copilot GPT Builder.

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