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Amazing! China made such a battery, your phone will not have to be charged for 50 years


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Image Source: Betavolt
Chinese start-up company has created a nuclear battery, which will not discharge for 50 years.

Chinese start-up company Betavolt has created the world’s first nuclear battery. The firm claims that if this battery is installed in the smartphone, then the phone will not have to be charged for 50 years. This nuclear battery of Betavolt is based on nuclear energy, which has a module smaller than a coin. This battery produces electricity based on the release of nuclear isotopes. The company claims that this is the next generation battery, which is currently being tested as a pilot project. After completion of testing, this battery can be used in smartphones and drones etc.

Will be used in these devices

The start-up company has claimed that it can be used for long lasting power supply in multiple scenarios. This battery can be used in aerospace, AI devices, medical devices, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones and micro robots as well as smartphones. This new battery technology may see huge demand in the coming few years.

These are the special features

This battery of Betavolt can generate power up to 100 microwatts. The size of this 3V battery is 15 x 15 x 15 cubic millimeters. The company will make 1V batteries by 2025. The smaller the size of the battery, the more power it will produce. The company estimates that after installing this battery in the phone, it will never need to be charged. Not only this, after installing the battery in the drone, it can be flown forever.

The special thing about this nuclear battery is that it will work even in temperatures ranging from minus 60 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius. Nickel-63 has been used as radioactive material in this battery. However, there is doubt regarding the commercial use of this battery. There will be a risk of radiation due to nuclear reaction.

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