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Instagram now allows users to share posts and Reels with close friends like a Story, here’s how


Instagram update: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told about a new update in his Instagram channel. He told that now Insta users will be able to share their posts and reels with close friends. Currently you are only able to share your story with specific friends. But soon you will be able to share posts and reels only with your friends or with everyone. For this you will have to go to the audience option during reels or post. The company has released this update which will gradually be available to all users.

If a close friend replies to your story, you can see it in the DM. But if a special friend comments or likes your post or reel, then this information will be sent to all your close friends and they will also be able to see this information. That means there is no story here. Like the story, whenever a post or reel is set for a close friend, a green star will appear in it. This new feature will help in maintaining your privacy in a way because with this you can limit your special moments to only a few people.

Instagram now allows users to share posts and Reels with

In this way you will be able to share posts or reels with close friends.

To share reels or story with close friends, first select the post or reel and click on Next and write the caption etc. as you have been doing before. After this, select the Close Friends option from the Audience option below. Note, this option will be visible to you only when you have received the latest update. If you have not received the update, then update the app immediately.

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