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Check air quality level Instantly with smartphone and this electronic device. If you want to avoid pollution then keep AQI monitoring device with you, you will get real time reading.


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Bad AQI has a bad effect on your health.

As the cold increases in the winter season, the problem of pollution also starts increasing rapidly in many states including Delhi. At present, air pollution is at its peak in Delhi, so if you step out of your house, it is important to take special care of your health and check the AQI.

Pollution is a big problem for the entire Delhi NCR at present. If you are careless, it can cause major harm to your health. In such a situation, it is important that you keep checking the AQI level from time to time. However, you can check the AQI level of your area in many ways. For this, your smartphone can become the biggest helper.

Real time information about AQI will be available

You can find out the AQI in the Discover feed of Google Chrome on your smartphone. However, there is also a device which can give you its accurate and real time reading. You can also use the pocket monitor device Prana Air Pocket PM2.5 Monitor to check the air quality.

The size of the Pran Air Pocket PM2.5 monitor is quite compact, due to which you can easily carry it from one place to another. This Chhotu device gives you instant real time AQI reading. It can check PM2.5 value in real time. It also gives information about those fine particles present in the air which are harmful for our health. You can buy this device for Rs 7,990.

You can easily connect the Pran Air Pocket PM2.5 monitor to your iOS or Android smartphone. It has LED lighting to show the AQI level, so that you can understand the level of pollution in the air. 450 mAh lithium battery is provided.

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