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banks will soon ban these Google pay PhonePe UPI IDs after NPCI new guidelines know the reasons. If UPI ID is on third party apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, transaction may stop.


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Big update for UPI ID users.

NPCI Guidelines for Banks: If you have a bank account and you use UPI ID for digital transactions, then there is very useful news for you. Banks are soon going to take a big decision regarding UPI ID. In fact, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has asked banks and third party application providers like Google Pay, Phone Pay and other providers to identify customers who have not used UPI ID in the last one year. Along with this, NPCI has given instructions to ban such UPI IDs.

According to National Payments Corporation of India, all TPAP and PSP banks will identify the UPI ID and associated mobile number of those customers with whom no financial transaction (credit or debit) has been done in the last one year. Users will not be able to transact on such UPI after the new year.

Transactions will not be possible after December 31st

NPCI has given time till December 31 to banks and third party service providers to identify such UPI IDs. The sole purpose of these guidelines of NPCI is that money should not be transferred to the wrong person in any way nor should it be misused.

Actually, many times it happens that when people change their mobile number, they forget to separate the UPI ID associated with it. When the number is allotted to someone else due to the number being switched off for several days, the UPI ID is already linked to that number. In such a situation, the possibility of wrong transaction increases manifold. The bank will also send a notification to the users through email or message before deactivating the UPI ID.

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