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According to Bill Gates, the whole world will change by 2030


Bill Gates predicted that our lives will change completely in the next 5 years. From using the computer to doing other tasks, the way of doing everything will change completely.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has always expressed his views on artificial intelligence. Meanwhile he made a big prediction for the next 5 years. Bill Gates said, in the next 5 years, our life will change completely and the normal way of working will change from using computers. He said that in the future ‘AI powered digital agents’ will do our jobs and they will play an important role in every sector.

Bill Gates said that new generation systems will not only be faster in creating content but will also increase human productivity through work automation. He said that ‘AI-powered digital agents are smarter, more proactive and faster at work than humans. We tell you that recently world’s richest man Elon Musk’s company xAI launched their Grok tool. Earlier, Open AI Chat GPT, Google, Bird and Microsoft have already launched Big Chatbot and companies are working on it continuously.

Seeing the growing use of artificial intelligence, Bill Gates said that in the future we will be able to write and draft emails with the help of advanced algorithms. You will also be able to create updates from a meeting, document a slide show, debug or write computer code.

AI agents will do everything from writing business plans to booking tables
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that in the future, advanced AI agents will play an important role in everything from business planning, presentations, birthday reminders, restaurant table bookings, etc. If you are confused about what AI agents will be, actually, like Chat GPT, they will be different tools that will perform different tasks for you.

Agent costs will decrease with understanding
Bill Gates has said that the agent business will not be dominated by any one company and that in the future most AI-powered agents will be available at a low cost so that everyone can use them. He claimed that technology will be used to make people’s lives easier in the coming days.

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