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ChatGPT offers a package of 10 million US dollars to Google AI staff, competition intensifies. ChatGPT offers 10 million USD to Google AI employees to become more stronger than before


As of February, OpenAI has hired 93 people who worked at Google and Meta.  - India TV Hindi

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As of February, OpenAI has hired 93 people who worked at Google and Meta.

ChatGPT’s AI platform OpenAI seems to be joining a new kind of competition to strengthen its presence. For this, the company is offering jobs to Google AAI employees on big packages. The company is working on different strategies. According to the news, ChatGPT’s emphasis is on providing good salaries and access to advanced technology. OpenAI recently hinted at selling shares, which could value the company at $86 billion.

New hires may get a package of $5 million to $10 million

According to the news, this initiative of ChatGPT may bring $5 million to $10 million to new hires in the company in the coming time. According to TechCrunch report, OpenAI has successfully involved experts from Google and Meta. At its ChatGPIT launch, the company mentioned five ex-Google researchers. It has been said in the news that till February, OpenAI has hired 93 people who used to work in Google and Meta. Of these, 59 were from Google AI and 34 from Meta.

Research engineer will be offered $450,000 salary

To strengthen its team, OpenAI is hiring a Research Engineer for its SuperAlignment team. The annual salary package for this role ranges from $245,000 to $450,000. The company is also offering generous equity and other benefits. It is also being said that Jan Leik, Head of Super Alignment of OpenAI, said that they are focusing on ensuring that the AI ​​system is according to the wishes of the people.

Strong competition in artificial intelligence industry

Chatgpt is actively looking for people passionate about AI security with good thinking skills and coding expertise. This battle of talent between OpenAI and Google reflects the intense competition in the artificial intelligence industry. Recently, OpenAI reported that their AI chatbot is now being used by 100 million people every week.

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