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Why does rattling sound come from the refrigerator in winter? If you want to avoid the loss then know the reason.


Refrigerator Maintenance: In the winter season, the use of the refrigerator reduces significantly, hence many people keep the refrigerator running in this season, but many times you must have noticed that a rattling sound comes from the refrigerator, which suddenly turns off. It starts and then stops automatically. If such a sound is coming from your fridge too, then here we are going to tell you the reason behind it. Knowing this, you can stop this noise coming from your refrigerator.

loose connection

Loose connections can also be the reason for the cutting sound in the refrigerator. Apart from this, the point where the refrigerator is plugged in gets burnt, due to which the electrical connections can become loose. In such a situation, you should check the power point and if there is a problem then get it rectified.

The overload protector of the refrigerator has gone bad.

The overload protector of the refrigerator protects the compressor from overloading and burning. If there is ever a cutting sound near the compressor near the fridge, then it may be due to overload, in such a case it needs to be replaced.

Wrong mixture of compressor oil and refrigerant in refrigerator

The reason behind the choppy sound in the refrigerator can also be due to wrong gas mixture. If you charge R-134 gas in an R-12 gas refrigerator, a strange chitting sound is heard, as if water drops into hot oil.

Refrigerator’s condenser coil becomes loose

The iron mesh or condenser coil that is installed behind the freezer. Its nut or screw becomes loose. Still the sound comes from the fridge. Apart from this, if the coil pipe of the condenser coil starts getting attached to the refrigerator body, then noise can also be heard due to the vibration caused by it.

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