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Due to hidden charges when purchasing apps, 67 percent of consumers fall into the subscription trap.


technology: A report has come out that has revealed that consumers are falling into the trap of subscriptions when purchasing apps or other software from the application store. It also tackles hidden charges and other dark patterns The CCPA issued a Gazette Notification on November 30 banning dark patterns Cyber ​​security and consumer protection have always been an important issue for countries around the world In this situation, governments are constantly busy with how to keep people safe. A report recently came out that 67% of consumers are in the subscription trap.

We tell you that recently Local Circle conducted a survey in which nearly 67 percent of customers found that if they buy a product or service from an app or software-as-a-service platform, it often falls into the subscription trap. Also, 71% people said they had to pay hidden charges, which are payable after purchase.

Thousands of people participated in the survey

  • Thousands of people participated in the local circle survey. According to the report, more than 44000 responses were received from app and software subscription users from 331 districts of India.
  • The government has identified 13 types of dark patterns, including false urgency, basket hiding, confirm shaming, orchestrated actions, subscription traps, user interface, bait and switch, drip pricing, bad advertising, nagging.
  • SaaS billing and rogue malware are identified as dark patterns, the report said.
  • His findings relate to ‘dark patterns’. These are strategies for persuading customers to buy products or services through websites and apps.

    A.IA.IAI is also responsible

    • The report further states that AIO is largely responsible for this profound problem. We tell you that new generation AI chatbot apps are leading users to expensive services.
    • Now it remains to be seen when the survey agency will present these results to the government. The report also states that scammers are bringing apps bundled with ChatGPTK’s software to the store. In these apps, you often have to pay a high subscription fee.
    • About 50 percent of consumers surveyed experienced ‘bait and switch’ dark patterns. At the same time, about 25 percent of consumers also experienced malware in some apps. Aadhaar data worth Rs 815 million is being sold on the dark web, reports said.

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