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You can talk to this smart toilet seat, temperature and pressure are adjustable, LED light is installed, know the price


New Delhi. This year, during CES 2024, old plumbing product manufacturer Kohler introduced a toilet seat with which you can even talk. PureWash E930 is a smart bidet toilet seat, which is priced at $2,139 (approximately Rs 1,77,000). This toilet seat has so many smart features that you can’t even think of. In this, Alexa and Google Assistant can also take your orders.

Kohler says the PureWash Bidet Seat is designed to provide personalized cleaning in a slim and low-profile design. The bidet seat automatically opens and closes the cover when it senses motion and it comes with a self-cleaning mode using its built-in UV light.

Sitting on the toilet seat, you can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the smart seat hands-free. By giving commands to the smart toilet, you can turn it on-off, activate the air dryer and also do cleaning. Temperature and pressure can also be adjusted in this smart toilet.

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Different spray modes will be available
This bidet toilet also has a seat heating feature. Besides, it also has different spray modes from gentle to full force. For those who do not want to use voice commands, the PureWash E930 also has a remote control for manual use. LED lighting is also provided in the form of nightlight in this Kohler toilet seat. This seat also has the company’s ‘Quiet-Close’ technology which prevents the seat from slipping and also has a quick-release function for easy cleaning.

The bidet accessory is equipped with front and rear wash modes and a heated seat and the remote control has two programmable presets. Water temperature and pressure can be adjusted here. There is also an option to select oscillating and pulsating spray. It also has a child mode that offers a gentle wash for little ones. The Kohler PureWash E930 is currently available for pre-order in the US for a discounted price of $1,289.

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