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Meta Facebook is working on Labelable AI generated images feature for Instagram and Threads


AI Image: AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is being discussed all over the world for the last few months. This new technology is being used all over the world. Gradually all the companies are starting to use AI features in their services. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has also gone ahead in this matter. Meta has been working on AI technology for its services for a long time.

Meta working on AI feature

Now news is coming that soon Meta is working on a feature to create images with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Due to the increasing popularity of AI image generation tools, Meta has decided to include this feature in its platform. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to tell which image is real between AI images and real images of humans.

Nick Clegg, president of global affairs at Meta, explained the purpose of this decision, saying, “As the line between human and synthetic content becomes blurred, people want to know where the boundary lines are.” He said, “At present, Meta labels its own generated AI images, so that users can know that the image is generated by AI.”

Users will know about AI images

Now the company is also planning a feature to generate labeled AI images with Google, Microsoft, Adobe and other AI image generating platforms. “Being able to detect these signals will make it possible for us to label AI-generated images that users post on Facebook, Instagram, and threads,” the blog post said. With this, users of Facebook, Instagram and threads will know which images have been created by AI and which images have not.

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