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How people are getting ruined in the pursuit of finding love online, after seeing the statistics you will also give up dating!


New Delhi. As Valentine’s Day approaches, cyber-security researchers said on Monday that romance scams are on the rise in India. 66 percent people in the country have become victims of online dating scams. In 2023, 43 percent of Indians became victims of AI voice scams and 83 percent lost their money. According to a new report from exposure management company Tenable, online dating scams have undergone a major transformation in recent years, merging traditional tactics with advanced technologies like generative AI and deepfakes.

‘AI-generated deepfakes work so perfectly that more than two-thirds (69%) of Indians say they cannot differentiate between an AI and a person’s real voice.’ Scammers are now taking advantage of generative AI and deepfake technology to create more believable personas in online dating scams.

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“When forced to move from established platforms to private conversations where the initial site’s protective layers are destroyed, I advocate extreme caution,” said Chris Boyd, staff research engineer at Tenable. Caution is necessary due to the involvement of generative AI or deepfakes.”

The report mentions that these scams often start on platforms like Facebook, compromising the security of victims. ‘A disturbing trend is emerging where scammers routinely target older individuals, particularly those who are widowed or suffering from memory loss,’ the report said.

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It is important to check the video
According to the researchers, requests for money from newly discovered connections should raise immediate alarm bells. He advised that it is important to check for photos and videos that deliberately hide background details, hindering online verification.

Boyd said, ‘Awareness and vigilance are our best defense against these tricks to ensure that people seeking love do not fall victim to the complex web.’

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