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Google will change Gmail policy, number of unnecessary emails will reduce from April 2024


Gmail Policy: Users using Google’s email service i.e. Gmail are often troubled by spam mails. Gmail’s inbox gets filled with thousands of spam mails, which are of no use to the users and are not easily deleted. In such a situation, Gmail has updated its spam policy for the users. Due to this new policy of Gmail, there will be a reduction in spam messages coming to the users. Google is going to gradually implement this policy from April 2024, due to which it will have a direct impact on those marketing agencies that send direct emails to promote services or products.

Gmail’s new policy

This announcement was made by Google in its Email Sender Guidelines FAQ. Gmail will now authenticate emails from senders who send more than 5,000 emails per day. The company also wants to make it easier for users to unsubscribe from newsletters, promotions, etc. that flood their inboxes with emails.

Under the new rules, emails from bulk senders will be certified as per Gmail’s sender guidelines. If a sender is found to be sending a large number of non-urgent emails, a portion of those emails will be rejected by Gmail. Google hasn’t specified the percentage for filtering spam, but the company has clearly warned bulk senders to keep an eye on their spam rates.

Gmail users will get new facility

Gmail will know when users ignore emails from a particular sender. Using this data, the company will monitor which bulk senders send non-essential emails. Till now Gmail was only suggesting users to unsubscribe from senders, but now Gmail’s new policy will not allow such unnecessary emails to reach their inbox.

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