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Before handing over the phone to children, turn on these settings, they will remain safe online, adult content will not be visible!


Nowadays children spend most of their free time on gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Having gadgets in a child’s hand all the time affects their eyes and body and also increases mental stress. Many times there is danger related to internet due to gadgets. Today, with mobile phones in the hands of children, their access to porn on the internet has become very easy. Due to this, the risk of them going on the wrong path also increases significantly.

Many times, parents give in to the stubbornness of their children and cannot take away the phone or any gadget from them at all times. Therefore, parents will have to adopt some methods to make the internet or phone safe for children.

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Control adult content from settings
To make the phone safe for children and to protect your children from adult content, first of all you have to turn on Google Play Restrictions on Android. This will prevent the child from downloading such apps, games and other web resources which are not appropriate for their age.

For this, first of all go to Google Play Store on the child’s device. Then go to Settings present in the left corner. After this you will get the option of ‘Parental controls’.

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On tapping on it you will be asked to set a PIN. Parents can change parental control settings by setting a PIN. Once the PIN is set, you can set store-based age restrictions for each category. You just have to keep in mind that you do not tell this PIN to your child.

social media settings
Parental control option is also available on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. If you turn on parental control on social media apps, then you can easily track the activities of children and prevent them from seeing wrong things.

Separate email ID is necessary
Many times, for their convenience, parents allow their children to run all the apps using their e-mail ID. But creating a personal e-mail ID for children is a safer method. With this, parents can not only keep their children away from wrong advertisements but can also easily track their children’s internet activity.

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Internet safety tips for children
If you give a phone to your child, keep telling him about internet safety. Make children aware of viruses, malware, cyber crimes and fraud related to online payments, and also teach them how to recognize fraud.

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