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AI drone with fully automated features introduced on Shark Tank India


AI Drone: Artificial technology i.e. AI is being discussed all over the world including India. For the last few months, this technology has made headlines around the world, and gradually this technology is being used in every field. An AI-powered drone has been seen in the TV show Shark Tank India, which showcases new startups in India.

AI drone seen in Shark Tank India

Actually, in Shark Tank India, people come with new startup ideas and ask for funding. This time two people have come to Shark Tank with a unique idea. They have introduced an AI drone. It has been introduced by two people, whose names are Prem Sai and Rajeshree Rajesh Detalu.

Together, both of them have started a startup named VECROS. Both Prem Sai and Rajeshree are the founders of this company and both of them told about their company in a program of Shark Tank India and presented an AI drone, whose name is AI Drone ATHERA.

AI drone will do all the work automatically

Both of these people described this AI drone as a flagship drone. He demonstrated flying his drone in this TV programme. No operator was needed to fly this drone. The drone took off automatically, flew completely on its own, entered the room, scanned the entire room and then landed automatically.

During this, this AI drone also created a 3D map, which was also shown on the TV screen during the program. Apart from this, this AI drone automatically showed the people the design of the room, and also showed the people the route through which the drone had made its journey and the map of the route.

For what purposes will AI drones be used?

ATHERA founders Prem Sai and Rajeshree said that AI Drone ATHERA is India’s first automatic i.e. self-flying spatial artificial intelligence drone. According to the founders, this AI drone can be used in many areas like railway bridge monitoring, construction work, impact monitoring.

He told that a total of 8 cameras have been used in this AI drone. He claimed that this AI-powered drone keeps an eye on a 360 degree angle. Apart from this, the specialty of this drone is that if any human or salmon comes in the path of this drone, then it automatically protects itself and moves away from it.

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