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Mika became the world’s first robot, CEO said he is better than Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg


World’s first AI CEO: Ever since Artificial Intelligence came into the market, people are in danger of losing their jobs. However, experts say that AI cannot eliminate the need for humans. But meanwhile a news is coming out which will surprise you. Actually, a company has chosen an AI robot as its CEO instead of a human being. That means the entire command of the company is in the hands of an AI machine.

In fact, Dictador, a spirits brand based in Cartagena, Colombia, has chosen a robot named Mika as its CEO. The company has remained in the headlines after handing over the command of the company to the robot. Let us tell you, Mika has been developed jointly by ‘Hanson Robotics’ and ‘Dictador’. Hanson Robotics also created the popular humanoid robot Sophia.

I can work 24/7 without leave

The AI ​​CEO of spirit brand, Dictador, said in a video that I can make data-driven (decisions) faster and accurately with advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Mika said that I don’t really have weekends and I am always on 24/7. This means that the CEO of the company does not need leave and she can solve complex to complex questions anytime.

Mika said he is devoid of personal bias and ensures strategic choices that prioritize the best interests of the organization.

I am better than Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

Mika said that he is better than Twitter owner Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Dictador CEO Mika said that till some time ago, talks were going on between the two CEOs regarding MMA fight. However, MMA is not the solution to improving the fight platform. Mika said that both CEOs have shown that entrepreneurship and technology can be powerful tools for positive change in society. Mika said she feels very strongly that we need to teach AI to care about people so that AI is really safe, really good. Mika said that he thinks humanization is a very important direction.

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