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Big Gift from Govt, Watch Live TV Without Internet, Shock Jio, Airtel!


Live TV without data pack: Big news for smartphone users. Government is working on amazing technology for common man, now you can enjoy live TV on your phone without data. Live TV facility is available on mobile from any part of the country. That means no more sitting at home watching TV. But on the other hand, the telecom companies are angry with this move of the government.

Devices will be more expensive due to new technology

For example, major companies like Samsung along with Qualcomm have also written a letter to the government asking the companies to switch all their devices to the government’s technology, which could increase costs. Companies believe that hardware changes can make the phone more expensive. If we talk about the price of 1 phone, it will increase by 30 dollars.

This is a special technique

Now let’s talk about what is this technology? The government named it ATSC 3.0. This technology is used in America. It detects geo-location for TV signals. Which provides high quality picture quality. In other words, live TV does not require a TV. Common people will see good quality pictures in it.

Negotiations are going on with Korea and America

Currently, current phones are not equipped for this technology. New parts must be installed on the phone. Due to which the price of the phone will increase. The government says no time frame has been set for the implementation of the proposal. India is in talks with Korea and America for this technology. It is expected that by the end of next year the citizens of India will get this amazing gift.

This is the government’s plan for expensive devices

If we talk about the rising prices of mobile phones, the government can give tax breaks to the companies that manufacture the devices. Due to which the problem of cost increase can be solved to a large extent.

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