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Apple iOS 17 2 beta hints at sideload feature users can download apps other than the App Store


iOS 17.2 beta prompts to sideload apps: Following the order of the European Union, Apple has replaced the Lightning port in its iPhone with USB Type-C charging port. Now the company can give people the option to side load apps in iOS 17.2. This information has come to light from a code of the beta version of iOS 17.2 which has been reported by 9to5Mac. Once again Apple is going to follow EU orders.

Indeed, the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) sets out a series of obligations for “gatekeepers” to ensure fair and open digital markets. That means some rules have been made. Apple is also one of the companies designated as gatekeepers and according to the DMA, it will have to start allowing its users to install apps from outside the company’s app store. Apple is now following this rule.

Currently such apps can be sideloaded

Currently, if you want to install apps other than the App Store on Apple’s iPhone, you will have to jailbreak it. But now, 9to5Mac has found evidence in iOS 17.2 beta code that suggests Apple is moving towards allowing users to sideload apps on their iOS devices and people may soon get this feature. It is possible that the company will give this update to the people in the stable version of iOS 17.2.

Developers can create their own app store

Let us tell you, there is a public framework in iOS 17.2 called “Managed App Distribution”. Based on 9to5Mac’s analysis of the API, they found that it has an extension endpoint declared in the system. This means that other apps can create these types of extensions. 9to5Mac also found another unused entitlement that allows third-party apps to install other apps. In simple words, it will allow developers to create their own app stores.

At present, there is no information available as to when Apple will make this change live. Apple has until March 2024 to follow the EU order. Apple is also reportedly expected to appeal to the union in an effort to maintain the status quo of its App Store.

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