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WhatsApp is going to stop this important service from June, you will have to pay Rs 130 every month


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WhatsApp will give a big shock to crores of users.

WhatsApp has become a very important application in today’s time. Almost all smartphones use this instant messaging application. WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates from time to time for its millions of users. With these updates, it also makes many major changes in the platform. If you use WhatsApp then there is big news for you. The company is going to stop a free service provided to the users.

Let us tell you that currently you can create chat backup and media file backup for free in WhatsApp, but very soon this free service is going to be stopped. WhatsApp is going to ban free cloud service for users from June. Now, as soon as you login to WhatsApp on another device, you get a backup of all the old messages, but this is not going to happen after June 2024.

Now users will not get free storage

Actually, till now, separate free space is available on Google Drive for WhatsApp chat, but now Google has refused to provide free space for chat backup and media files backup. Now Android device users will have to make do with only 15GB cloud storage. In this 15GB storage, you will get space for Gmail, Drive and WhatsApp backup.

After running out of free space on Google Drive, you will no longer be able to backup chats. To create a backup, you will have to purchase cloud storage. For this you will have to pay a charge of Rs 130. Google has made many major changes in the rules of its drive which will come into effect from June. However, Google will send notifications to users before implementing these new rules.

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