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CES 2024: Infinix introduces AirCharge technology, smartphone will charge in the air


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Image Source: Infinix Mobiles
infinix aircharge

Infinix has introduced air charging technology at CES 2024. Apart from this, the company has also showcased E-Color Shift and Extreme Temperature Battery Concept device. This special air charging technology works on multi coil magnetic resonance, due to which the smart device starts charging. However, Infinix is ​​not the first brand to showcase this air charge technology. Earlier, Xiaomi had also showcased AirCharge technology a few years ago. However, no commercial device has been launched with this technology yet.

How does this AirCharge technology work?

This technology of Infinix will eliminate the need to charge the smartphone through wire. Multi coil magnetic resonance and adaptive algorithm has been used in it, which can charge the device from a distance of 20 centimeters and at an angle of 60 degrees. It works on 6.78MHz radio band, which can charge the device at a speed of 7.5W. The special thing about this charging technology is that users will be able to charge their smartphone while watching videos or even while playing games. However, through this charging technology, it will take much more time to charge the device as compared to the standard charger.

Talking about Infinix’s E-Color Shift technology, E-Ink prism has been used in it, which reflects vibrant colors on the back panel of the smartphone. Through this, users will be able to set the back cover of their choice. At the same time, if we talk about extreme-temp battery feature, then users can get relief from the problem of overheating of lithium battery. Through this technology, the phone’s battery will work in any temperature between -40 degrees to 60 degrees.

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