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To maintain privacy, turn on this new feature on WhatsApp now


WhatsApp: WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will help you maintain your privacy. You can turn it on by going to Settings.

WhatsApp Security IP Address on Call: WhatsApp has given users a new feature that will help you hide your location while making calls. The feature is called ‘Protect IP Address in Calls’ which you can access by going to Settings. Currently, what happens in the app is that WhatsApp calls are made through ‘Peer to Peer Direct Connection’. In such a situation, scammers or hackers can find your location through IP address. Hackers can also collect information about your search history, purchases, etc. with the help of IP address. But after the new feature, your WhatsApp calls will reach the other person through the company’s servers, hiding your location and no one can disturb your privacy.

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To turn on ‘Protect IP Address in Calls’, you first need to go to WhatsApp’s settings and go to the Advanced option under Privacy. From here you can enable this option. Note, after enabling this feature, WhatsApp calls may be delayed or call quality may be affected.

Even after the company launches the new feature, your calls will remain end-to-end encrypted. That means the company can’t hear you. Let us tell you that some time ago the company launched a feature called ‘Silence Unknown Calls’. When this feature is on, calls from unknown numbers are automatically muted and you don’t face any hassle. You can view such calls at any time under the Calls tab. Also with this feature the company protects you from scams and fraud.

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