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What is WhatsApp screen share scam, how does it work and how to stay safe from it


Whatsapp: With the increasing use of internet and social media, cyber crime has also increased rapidly and is increasing day by day. The number of criminals committing crimes through social media and internet has increased significantly, which is called cyber crime and criminal.

Scam happening through WhatsApp

Such criminals have found many new ways to commit cyber crimes, and hence new cyber scams are heard every day, through which common people are cheated of lakhs of rupees. There are many scams in the list of these scams like work from home scam, YouTube video scam, hotel rating scams, hi mom scam. Now such criminals have discovered a new scam, whose name is WhatsApp Screen Sharing Scam. Let us tell you about this scam.

This is how people are cheated of their money

WhatsApp screen share scam is a way of defrauding people, through which users are asked to share WhatsApp screen through some work, greed, scheme or emergency. In this, the traditional method of scam is not adopted, rather the fraudster convinces people to share their WhatsApp screen by talking to them in real-time. For this, scammers use fake identity or some kind of emergency.

How to avoid scams

As soon as users share their WhatsApp screen, scammers leak the privacy of the users by noting down everything that appears on their screen. In this way, apart from the WhatsApp messages of common users, scammers also access details like bank account details, social media details and one-time passwords. For any scammers, this much detail of any common user is enough to steal money from their bank account. In such a situation, to avoid such scams, any user should think carefully before receiving and opening calls, video calls, links coming from any unknown number, and to keep their privacy safe, avoid sharing the screen. should avoid.

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