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Be it technology or ‘magic’, your mobile will charge in mid-air


tech-News: Tech companies are introducing cool tech, Infinix showed off a technology during CES 2024 that can charge phones in the air. When can Infinix launch this AirCharge technology for users?

Tech companies have launched new technologies at CES i.e. Consumer Electronics Show 2024. This year also some companies have come up with technology that is really amazing, have you ever heard that even a bag can heat food like a microwave? Or mobile can be charged in the air? Hardly anyone has heard of it before, but this time tech companies have done wonders at CES 2024. Let’s find out how these futuristic technologies can benefit you in the future.

air charge technology,

AI Air charging is amazing.

Handset maker Infinix unveiled an amazing piece of technology at CES 2024. The company has come up with AI Aircharge technology, if the company brings this technology to the users in the future, you will get the benefit that you don’t need a cable or wireless pad to charge the mobile phone.

This technology will charge the phone from a distance of 20 cm with the help of multi coil magnetic resonance feature. Now it remains to be seen how long this technology of Infinix will be launched for users.

The bag will heat the food in minutes

Getting hot food outside the house can be icing on the cake. Have you ever wondered how to heat up your food while traveling? A Japanese company called Wiltex has come up with Wilcook bags. The most special thing about this bag is that the food kept in this bag can be heated up to 80 degrees in just 5 minutes.

This bag needs to be charged, once fully charged this bag will support you for 8 hours. This bag keeps food warm for up to two hours. So far, no information has been released about when these bags will be available.

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