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Samsung creates ‘ruckus’, introduces foldable display that bends on both sides at CES 2024


CES 2024, Samsung foldable display- India TV Hindi

Image Source: Samsung
At CES 2024, Samsung has introduced a foldable display that bends on both sides.

Samsung has ces 2024 Futuristic foldable display has been introduced. The special thing about this foldable display is that it can be folded from both the sides. The South Korean company claims that this foldable display has been tested in all types of environments. This new Flex In & Out concept device of Samsung was introduced in the world’s largest consumer electronics show going on in Las Vegas, America.

The display will fold on both sides

This device has a 360 degree folding flexible display, which can be bent from both sides. This futuristic display is completely different from the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 launched last year. Samsung says that and this is an extremely thin in and out display, which can be used from both sides.

What is special in Flex In&Out display?

  1. This foldable display can be folded from both sides. The hinge fitted in it will be able to turn up to 360 degrees. Samsung has the highest market share in the foldable smartphone market in the whole world. The company launched the first foldable display phone in 2018.
  2. Apart from this, this foldable display has been tested in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, due to which it can be used in any environment.
  3. The South Korean company has claimed that this display is thin but very strong. This flexible display has been tested by bouncing a basketball. Apart from this, this display works properly in both sand and water.

Many futuristic displays were presented

Apart from this, Samsung has also introduced Rollable Flex display in CES 2024. This display can be expanded up to 5 times its size. It works on both slideable and foldable technology. Apart from this, wireless earphones have also been tested for the upcoming foldable device, which will fit in the display.

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