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Is it an iPhone or a piece of stone, it fell from an airplane from 16 thousand feet, did not even have a scratch on it


New Delhi. The company keeps saying that the iPhone is solid. To test the durability of every new iPhone, YouTubers also check it by dropping it from a height using a drone. It is generally believed that iPhones are much stronger than other phones. But this time this phone has turned out to be quite strong even in real life test. It seems that this phone is not a phone but a piece of stone.

Actually, a person Sean Bates has shared pictures of an iPhone on social media platforms. He has claimed that the phone fell from Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. Let us tell you that on January 5, the door of that flight broke and flew into the air and an emergency landing of the plane was made. Sean Bates has told that he found this phone when he was going near Barnes Road on Highway No. 217 in Portland.

This was not the only phone!
He has written that it survived even after falling from 16,000 feet. When he called the National Transportation Safety Board to report the phone, he learned that the phone he received was a different phone. Meaning, a similar phone had been received before that also.

The message of baggage claim is also visible on the screen of this iPhone. This claim is from the same Alaska Airlines flight whose door was broken. Bates (who received this phone) has also posted a video on social media. Its owner has not been found yet.

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