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Debit card gone bad! You can change it in these four ways and it will hit home.


Financing: Debit card is a very important means of transaction. It is important to always be active. If the card does not work for any reason, you should replace it immediately.

Many times, when debit cards are very old, they don’t work for some reason or they get damaged. In this case, it needs to be replaced. Of course you have to apply for it. But there is no problem in understanding how to do it and you can change it according to your convenience. According to HDFC Bank, you can follow some simple procedures to change your debit card.

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You can apply through net banking.

When your debit card gets damaged or stops working, the easiest way to apply for its replacement is through net banking. You can apply for a debit card by logging into your net banking account and going to the card section. Your request has been accepted by the bank, and a new card will be sent to your registered address within a few days.

You can also apply through mobile banking.

You can also apply for change of debit card through the bank’s mobile banking app. You can log into your account and select the service request option by going to the card menu. Here select the debit card you want to replace. Place a service request for this. Your bank will process it and issue a new debit card and send it to your registered address.

You can directly request from customer care.

One way to apply for debit card replacement is to contact the bank’s customer care and request for replacement of your debit card. The service executive will receive your request and if the request is approved, the bank will send a new debit card to your registered postal address.

You can apply at the branch.

If you think you are not tech friendly. If you cannot manage net banking or mobile banking, you can directly visit the nearest bank branch, physically meet the relationship manager and request a new debit card. You can ask for Tatkal Debit Card there, it will be issued instantly. This card must be linked to your account, but your name will not be on it. If you wish, you can request a new card which will be generated after a few days at your address with your name on it.

Bank may charge nominal charges.

Banks may charge you some fees for switching debit cards. Fees are debited directly from your account upon card issuance. The advice is that if your card is lost, make sure to block it immediately first.

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