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CES 2024 Samsung introduces 360 degree flex in and out concept display that could come with upcoming Galaxy Flip smartphone


Samsung 360 Degree Display: CES (CES 2024) is being organized in Las Vegas, America. This event has started from today i.e. 9th January, and electronic companies from all over the world are presenting their new and modern technology devices in this event.

In such a situation, if you are into latest and modern innovations, then how can Samsung, one of the world’s most popular smartphone companies, lag behind. Samsung company is also presenting its latest innovative devices in the event. Among them, there is a device which you can also call next-level innovation. Samsung has been introducing foldable and flip smartphones for the last few years.

Samsung introduced screen that bends on both sides

After Samsung, many companies like Oppo, Vivo, Moto have introduced foldable smartphones in the market, now Samsung is also making new and special innovations in its flip and foldable phones, an example of which this South Korean company has shown at CES. Also shown in the event.

Actually, Samsung has introduced the concept of 360 degree flex in and out display. The specialty of this display is that it can bend in both directions. Till now, in the flip or fold phones of Samsung or any other company, you must have seen that the displays bend from the back side, but you must not have seen the displays that bend from the front side. This time, Samsung has shown a new innovation to the smartphone world by folding its flip display from the front side.

External display for foldable phone

Users will be able to use this Samsung display even after folding it from the front. Samsung has claimed that its 360-degree ‘flex in and out’ display is durable. The company said that the new innovation of this phone will eliminate the need for users to have an external display to view content because users will be able to use the internal screen even after the phone is switched off.

CES 2024 Samsung introduces 360 degree flex in and out

Apart from this, the company showed in this event that their latest clamshell-style foldable phone will also have an external display. Users will be able to bend this smartphone both forward and backward, and with the help of 360 degree folding display, users will be able to use the screen even after it is folded. This will be an automatic OLED display.

Although, Samsung has not yet announced any next smartphone with this latest innovation, but it is being claimed in media reports that the company can launch its upcoming foldable and flip phones with these new technologies. .

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