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Xiaomi brought cool AC in winter, will keep you warm in winter, will give cool air in summer


New Delhi. Last week, Xiaomi announced the launch of a new version of MIJIA Natural Wind 1.5hp air conditioner. Now the sale of this gadget has been started in China. This new air conditioner from Xiaomi delivers quick cooling in 30 seconds. It is also equipped with a three-dimensional wide-angle air deflector.

The price of Xiaomi MIJIA Natural Wind 1.5hp air conditioner has been kept at 2,399 yuan i.e. approximately Rs 27,438. It is being sold in China through retail platforms like However, information about the global launching of the air conditioner has not been given.

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Specifications of Xiaomi MIJIA Natural Wind 1.5hp Air Conditioner

Xiaomi MIJIA Natural Wind 1.5hp air conditioner can be adjusted to provide surround wind, canopy wind and carpet wind. In this, the adjustable lower and upper air supply can be set at an angle between 0 to 180 degrees. This gadget can do rapid heating in 60 seconds and rapid cooling in 30 seconds.

It is a high efficiency and low noise model due to its air duct system design. To keep the gadget in optimal shape both internally and externally, the air conditioner has been provided with a self-cleaning mechanism.

Xiaomi MIJIA 1.5hp air conditioner can provide cooling or heating at different levels of ambient temperature. It has an intelligent defrosting mechanism and dual temperature and humidity control technology. This air conditioner can be integrated with the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem and it also supports Xiao AI voice control and MIJIA app compatibility. The MIJIA app also offers intelligent notifications and reminders for dirty filters.

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