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AI tool like Chat GPT will also be available in YouTube, now this will be beneficial while watching videos.


<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Google is going to provide some AI features on its video streaming platform YouTube. Currently they are being tested and are available to some YouTube Premium subscribers. Actually, the company is going to add 2 features to the app for creators and viewers. One is a chatbot and the other is a comment organizer. When you watch a video with the help of chatbot, it will suggest you another video related to the same topic. At the same time, if the video is educational then you will also be able to do quizzes. With the help of other tools, creators will be able to easily see the comments on a topic on the video. That means this tool will organize the comments according to the subject.

At present, the company has not shared this information whether these tools will be available only for YouTube Premium members or free users will also get it.

Creators will benefit

With the help of the Comment Organizer tool, creators will benefit from the fact that they will not need to see all the comments and will be able to directly filter relevant comments through it. As soon as a creator clicks on the comments of his video, he will see the Topics option at the top. Here, comments will be automatically listed according to the topic and creators can create new content based on this or reply directly to the end user.

Note, only published comments will be organized within the topic. Such comments which are part of review or block words will not be included in this.

Under YouTube’s new Conversational AI tool, you can ask questions on video content. This will give you answers to questions like chat GPT. Also, other videos related to that topic will also be recommended to you below without stopping the main video. The company is bringing both these features to change the user experience.

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