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Put this pain killer in the washing machine, then see the ‘magic’, white clothes will shine like new, you will forget detergent!


Who doesn’t want old clothes to be washed in such a way that they look like new? There are very few people now who wash clothes by hand or want to wash them. Especially in cities, people have less time, so it has become common to have washing machines in everyone’s homes. We buy good and expensive detergents to ensure that the clothes get washed properly in the washing machine. Even the most expensive and cheapest soap claims that it will remove all the dirt from the clothes.

But when it comes to white clothes, there are very few detergents that can do wonders. Although white clothes are put in the washing machine to be washed separately so that the whiteness comes back to life, but sometimes the result makes us unhappy.

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Therefore, today we are telling you about a trick that will make your white clothes shine. Actually, a medicine is used for whitening clothes. Yes, it is surprising.

Everyone knows that people use medicines when they are sick, but there is a medicine which also helps in shining the clothes. Here we are talking about Aspirin. For this you will need 5 aspirin tablets, each of which will be approximately 325 mg.

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How to use aspirin?
Place the tablet in a large bowl or warm water to dissolve. Stir this aspirin water until all the tablets are completely dissolved. To ensure that the tablets dissolve faster, you can also break them into pieces before adding them to the water.

After this, put this solution in the washing machine in which you have put white clothes. For information, let us tell you that this processor will work better only when you soak the clothes i.e. for 8 hours.

Although some reports also say that aspirin is better at washing clothes than plain water, but it is not as effective as bleach. Some reports also say that the whiteness of clothes is not caused by aspirin but by soaking in hot water for 8 hours, and people think that this has happened because of aspirin.

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