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Never make these mistakes while cleaning your smartphone, all your money will be wasted.


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Being careless in cleaning the smartphone can cause huge damage.

Tips and Tricks to Clean Smartphone: In this era of technology, almost every house has a smartphone. Most people use smartphones only. A new smartphone remains quite clean for a few days, but with the passage of time, dirt accumulates everywhere. Due to dirt, many types of problems start appearing in the smartphone like display not being clearly visible, clear sound not coming from the speaker etc. For the smartphone to work well, it is important that it is always kept clean.

If your phone has also become dirty then today we are going to tell you some ways to clean the smartphone. Although it is very easy to clean the smartphone, but if you ignore some things then you may have to suffer huge losses. Therefore, it is very important to know those methods of cleaning the smartphone so that our phone remains completely safe.

Do not use liquid for cleaning

To keep your smartphone safe and clean, first know what things should be avoided when it gets dirty. Whenever dirt accumulates in the phone, never clean it with liquid. Liquid can damage your speakers and mic. If your phone does not come with IP rating then your phone may get damaged. Never clean the smartphone screen with tissue or anything hard.

always use this type of clothes

When the smartphone screen gets dirty, many people pour water on it and start cleaning it with any cloth. One should not make such mistake. The smartphone screen should always be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Due to this, scratches do not appear on the screen and the smoothness of the screen also remains. The shine also remains when cleaned with microfiber.

Use these things in your smartphone

To keep your smartphone always clean and functioning well, it is important that you install a good screen guard in it. Along with this, also get a good cover for the phone. Low quality covers become loose over time, allowing dirt to seep inside. Due to having screen guard and cover, the risk of screen breakage is also reduced to a great extent.

Do not use needle

Many times people start using sharp objects to clean the dirt accumulated in the speaker or microphone. Needle should never be used in a speaker. Things like this can damage your phone. Also keep in mind that liquid does not get into the speaker.

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